Toddler Curriculum

  • The Toddler years are some of the most crucial times in a child’s life to begin to learn new things and understand themselves.  Toddlers are encouraged to express their individual interests through interactions with each other and through a hands-on environmental experience. Our staff encourages emergent communication skills by engaging the children in conversations and by helping to resolve conflicts peacefully. 
    Classroom teachers provide the children in their care with theme-based activities in a center based classroom that is rich in learning materials and literature. Independence is fostered throughout the day with emphasis on daily living skills like pottying and meal times.  We are dedicated to helping your child reach their highest level of learning and are excited to have you join us! 
  • Saratoga Educational Center:
    ClassroomAgesRatio / Class SizeWeekly TuitionDaily Tuition
    Infants6 weeks-18 months1:4/8$240 per week$48
    Toddler18-36 months1:5/10$235 per week$47
    Preschool3-4 years1:7/14$225 per week$45
    Prekindergarten4-5 years1:8/16$225 per week$45
    Clifton Park Educational Center
    ClassroomAgesRatio / Class SizeWeekly TuitionDaily Tuition
    Infants6 weeks-18 months1:4/8$260 per weekTBD
    Toddler18-36 months1:5/10$225 per week$45
    Preschool3-4 years1:7/14$220 per week$44
    Prekindergarten4-5 years1:8/16$220 per week$42
    Kindergarten Wrap Around5-6 years1:9/9$165 per weekN/A