Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Learning experiences of preschool years provides a foundation that guides children academically, socially, and emotionally.  Children’s learning and intellectual growth are affected by the specific experiences they have in a preschool classroom and these experiences can influence the rest of a child’s life. 
    At Learning to Know your child will be provided with a classroom that is prepared to challange their social and emotional development, language and communication, emergent literacy, reading and writing, and math.  Teachers will  provide instructional strategies to support students as well as challenge them so they are well prepared for their Kindergarten year ahead.
  • Saratoga Educational Center:
    ClassroomAgesRatio / Class SizeWeekly TuitionDaily Tuition
    Infants6 weeks-18 months1:4/8$240 per week$48
    Toddler18-36 months1:5/10$235 per week$47
    Preschool3-4 years1:7/14$225 per week$45
    Prekindergarten4-5 years1:8/16$225 per week$45
    Clifton Park Educational Center
    ClassroomAgesRatio / Class SizeWeekly TuitionDaily Tuition
    Infants6 weeks-18 months1:4/8$260 per weekTBD
    Toddler18-36 months1:5/10$225 per week$45
    Preschool3-4 years1:7/14$220 per week$44
    Prekindergarten4-5 years1:8/16$220 per week$42
    Kindergarten Wrap Around5-6 years1:9/9$165 per weekN/A