Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Can my child attend part time?” 
    Yes, your child can attend both of our centers part time if we are not full.  We prefer a minimum of two full days a week.
    “ Are you a licensed facility?”
    Yes, each of our sites (Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park) are licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Our license is displayed in open view and a copy of New York State regulations is available for all parents to read at each daycare.
    “May I come visit my child at any time?”
    Yes, you may come and visit your child at any time. We do ask that you try not to interrupt the classrooms at nap time and that you are considerate with visits. For example: If you know that your child has been dealing with separation anxiety you may want to view your child without him/her seeing you through the windows. If you know that your child does better with visits in the morning rather than right before nap please come early. You are able to pick up your child at any time during the day. 
    “Do you provide infant care?”
    Our Saratoga and Clifton Park sites provide infant care for infants that are 6 weeks and up through 18 months of age.
    “If my child is sick will they have to leave the center?”
    In an effort to minimize the spread of illness, children with a fever or an exclusionary illness will be sent home. If your child just has a cold but can withstand a normal day’s activities then they will be able to stay. 
    Please read “Guidelines for the Management of Illness” in its entirety (in the Learning to Know Parent Handbook) before enrolling your child in the center. This information is derived from various state child care and health department agencies. These are illness guidelines that we follow as an organization.  We practice diligent handwashing and illness management to prevent illness as much as possible.
    “What credentials do your teachers have?”
    All our teachers meet at least the minimum requirements mandated by New York State. A lead teacher has a degree or is working toward an early childhood education degree or credential. Most assistant teachers have a minimum of one year experience working in the early education field. We encourage all assistant teachers to further their education by enrolling in a credential class or by taking college courses. 
    “Who can pick my child up at the center and is the center secure?” 
    Anyone that is designated by you on your child’s Registration Form as being able to pick up your child will be able to. If the staff is unfamiliar with the person picking up your child, proof of identification must be provided before your child will be released.  
    Each family will be given a security code to enter into our building.  No one without a security code will be allowed to enter the building without being let in by the director or staff member.  To keep our facility secure we ask that parents do not let any one in to the daycare that they don’t know personally.  Children are also required to be signed in and out by parents each day.
    “If my family goes on vacation or my child is sick, do I have to pay tuition?”
    Yes, even though your child is absent we still must operate the daycare center and pay all our normal expenses so tuition is due as usual.
    “Do I have to have a set time for drop off and pick-up?”
    Yes, in order to maintain ratios and consistency throughout the day we ask that you adhere to the same pick up and drop off times daily. Please check with the director if there are any change in your daily schedule and we will make every attempt to accommodate them.  Please keep in mind that children can not exceed 9.5 hours a day at the center.  We do this to promote quality care for children.