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New Full Day Kindergarten Program in Clifton Park Plaza 8, Fall 2016!  Register Now or call 371-3722 for a tour.  Please view our packet below for additional info.

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Learning to Know Educational Center is a licensed daycare facility that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child and their family. The Center's primary mission is to foster a love of learning in each student. Our curriculum skillfully weaves artistic and practical disciplines into everyday academics. Students learn to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others.  We give each child support and encouragement to become his or her own unique self. Learning to Know provides full daycare to children ages 6 weeks -Kindergarten (depending upon site) in a personal small center atmosphere.  Through developmentally appropriate classrooms students learn, grow and have fun together.  Children will begin a love of learning in our care which will be carried throughout their formative years. 
About Our General Manager and Clifton Park Director 

Miss Debbie has been teaching for over 27 years. She began her career teaching first graders and in l996 entered the day care arena. She has brought her knowledge of curriculum development into each day care center she has managed. She enjoys watching children develop over the course of their early years and grow into active learners. Miss Debbie believes that children learn best when they are happy, secure and confident. Spending over 19 years in the field of day care management Miss Debbie brings forth a wealth of personal experience and professionalism to the center. Miss Debbie enjoys being able to share in each family’s experience in the formative years and really finds it gratifying that many families return to her programs. Miss Debbie strives makes each child a priority. Children enjoy sharing their days in a warm loving environment and Miss Debbie and her staff will surpass your expectations!

Tuition and Classroom Information
Infant Classroom (Saratoga Springs Site Only)
Our infant classroom will have a maximum of 8 children with 2 teachers from 6wks-18 months.
Tuition - $230 per week - Saratoga
Toddler Classroom
Our Toddler Classroom will have a maximum of 10 children with 2 teachers from 18 months to 36 months.
Tuition - $215 per week - Clifton Park
                   $225 per week - Saratoga
Three Year Old Classroom
Our Three's Classroom will have a maximum of 14 children with 2 teachers.
Tuition - $210 per week- Clifton Park
                    $215 per week- Saratoga

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
Our Pre-k Classroom will have a maximum of 16 children with 2 teachers.
Tuition - $210 per week- Clifton Park
                   $215 per week- Saratoga 
Kindergarten Wrap Program (Clifton Park Site Only)
The children in our K-wrap program must be attending the Shenendehowa School District and be enrolled in their kindergarten classroom.   This classroom will have a maximum of 9 children with 1 teacher. We are currently accepting children for our morning program and afternoon program.  That means that children can be attending either morning or afternoon Shen kindergarten.  Children will recieve lunch and afternoon snack daily.
Tuition - $155 per week    

Full Day Kindergarten Program (Clifton Park Site Only)
Opening Fall 2016!!
Our new K-Care will house a maximum of 18 children.  With a ratio of 1:9 the teachers will be able to work with each child so that he/she experiences success with beginning academic skills. Students will be challenged appropriately and prepared for the years ahead.  We believe that each child is unique and their learning atmosphere should reflect their individuality especially for the kindergarten age.  We want each child to develop self-confidence and learn at his or her own pace.  We believe that a program should have a balance of play and academics.  It’s our goal to help the children make friends while having fun at the same time.

Our full day kindergarten program is open to anyone in the Capital District area.  We are a private school with an extension of our NY State License for Learning to Know Educational Center.

Hours and Tuition
 -Full Day Kindergarten Program    8:30-3:00      $6,500 per school year

 -Morning Care                                     7:30-8:30      $20 per week

 -Aftercare Program                              3:00-5:00      $35 per week for 2.0 hours
                                                                                          (option 1)
                                                                 3:00-4:00      $20 per week for 1 hour
                                                                                             (option 2)
Please visit the link below for a full informational packet and enrollment form for our new Full Day Kindergarten Program Opening Fall 2016!!

Center Hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday
We ask that children remain at the center a maximum of 9.5 hours daily to provide quality care for your child.  
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